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workshop & public lectures


2018             Workshop on Online Storytelling, Cork Institute of Technolgy (C.I.T), Cork, Ireland


2016             University of Wisconsin / Stout, USA. Lectures on 'Video and the Moving Image in context of Photography and Illustration’


2015              T.E.I Athens, Faculty of Fine Arts and Design. Workshop and lectures on ‚Interactive narrative'


2015               Workshop on Multimedia Storytelling, 4 weeks, University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, Center for Visual and Performing Arts.


2014               Lusofona University, Lissabon, Portugal. Lectures on ‘The Still and the Moving Image’


2014               Aydin University Istanbul, Lecture on ‘ Evaluating the borders between Art and Design'


2014                Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Istanbul. Presentation of outstanding Design projects from Design Students in Germany.


2012                Universität der Angewandten Kunst, Wien.

                        Lecture on 'Video and the Moving Image in context of Photography,  Typography and Illustration’.


2009               China Foto Press, Beijing, China. Workshop for the XY-Award entrants.

                        Lectures on ‘Narrative Models in MM Storytelling and timeline based Media'    


2008                3rd Forum of Emerging Leaders in Asian Journalism

                         Ateneo de Manila University, Manila, Philippines. Lecture on ‘Narrative Models for Multimedia Journalism


2008               North China University of Technology (NCUT), Beijing (10-week stay)

                        Series of lectures on visual design (photography, MM, and video) and intensive workshop:                                                                 

                        'Inquiry into Chinese urban architecture’ (production and design of videos, posters, drawings/graphics and a book).


2007              Dalian College of Art, Dalian, China

                       Lecture on ‘2D-Animation – from still to moving image


2007              Dalian Society for Audiovisual Media, Dalian, China

                       Lecture on and presentation of TV-spots, musicclips and trailers


2006              North China University of Technology (NCUT), Beijing, China

                       Lecture on new trends in the field of moving images


2005              Art Academy „Akademia Sztuk Pieknych“, Crakow, Poland

                       Lecture on ‘Design Methodologies’


2003              École de Beaux Arts in Saint Etienne, France

                       Presentation of student work and teaching methodology


2003              FAMU, Prague, Czech Republic

                       Lecture and presentation on musicvideo and animation


1999               École supérieure d`Art Visuelle in Geneva, Switzerland                                                                                  

                       Lecture and workshop on trends in German visual communication


1999               Deutsche Arbeitsschutz Ausstellung (DASA), Dortmund, Germany

                       Workshop on Videoproduction for Teens






teaching in the field of photography, mm-storytelling, video, animation and media art